They're ideal for replacing anywhere from one tooth to a full mouth, and depending on exactly what you want, there are great solutions for all budgets:

Replacing a Single tooth

Replacing Multiple teeth

Lower Denture Replacement with Implant Crowns

Implant Stabilized Dentures

In our office, every implant treatment begins with a 3-D x-ray ("Cone Beam CT Scan" or "CBCT") that allows us to plan the exact location of the replacement teeth with precision of less than a millimeter. Because of this level of precision, we can usually replace problem teeth the same day they come out, or replace teeth in one day that have been missing for years. The cutting-edge technology needed for these 3-D scans is rare in dentist's offices, but we believe in giving our patients the best possible treatment, no matter the cost.  You can see how we virtually place an implant below:

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